About UMCA

About UMCA

The United Military Communities of America (UMCA) is a non-profit volunteer organization comprised of citizens and businesses who have pledged their support to those in the military.  Dedicated to “watching over those who watch over us,” UMCA strives to make soldiers, veterans and their families feel welcome, appreciated and safe through ongoing community outreach and support initiatives, including Children of the Fallen Project, a mentoring program for surviving military youth.

A partnership between UMCA is a natural fit because of shared values and purpose. Working together we will be able to bring much-needed awareness to the issues facing our military families in the communities that host the tour. Then provide local programs that support some of their most important needs.

Even though many communities have pledged their support, there remains a widespread need to live up to these ideals.

UMCA demonstrates its support for the military and their families in simple, and personal ways.

Our current initiatves include:

Ride To Honor

Heroes Homecoming

31 Days Salute

Scoutlook App

Children Of The Fallen Project

Heroes Thank You