Army Family Burdened With Serious Illnesses Gets Relief From The Army’s Army

Group lives up to its mission ‘watching over those who watch over us’ and teams up with home improvement company to lend a helping hand
The Army’s Army learned about a local military family, the Lathrop’s dire medical situation and provided a helping hand in their time of need.  The Lathrop’s have six children, four of whom have life-altering conditions including Alport Syndrome, autoimmune diseases, scoliosis, growth hormone disease, thyroid disease, hearing impairment, lung disease, epilepsy, bladder disease, aplastic anemia, and liver failure.  Currently, Lucinda Lathrop is the sole caregiver for her family as her husband Nathan, an active duty member of the Army, was recently redeployed for 18 months.  Within the last month, Army’s Army members and partners donated clothing, food, and other necessities offering assistance and support to this medically and financially afflicted military family.

Besides needing everyday essentials for the family like clothing, personal hygiene items, and food, the Lathrops are in great need of hypo-allergenic mattress covers, pillows and air purifiers for their children with allergies.  Their vehicle is also in need of routine maintenance, which is critical for transporting them to Duke and UNC Hospitals in Durham and Chapel Hill where they receive continuing medical care.

Don Talbot, an Army’s Army member and commander of the Hair-Matthews Post 32 American Legion, notified executive director of operations Janine West about the Lathrop family and their situation.  The news spread quickly — one of the group’s members reached out to a friend, Max Rich owner of Busy Bee Building Services, who offered to donate 40 hours of labor for home repairs along with building materials.

The Lathrop’s situation struck a cord with another member, MSGT Zackery Turbyfill, who also has six children and understands the daily demands of having a large family to care for.  Mr. Turbyfill is working to collect additional items for the Lathrop family and is reaching out to family members, friends and business associates for additional help and assistance.

Multiple Army’s Army members and partners such as Insignia Residential, Cartridge World and Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union have come forward to help by donating school supplies, clothing, shoes, gas cards, gift cards, food and personal hygiene items.

“The Army’s Army does make military families’ dreams come true.  The group provided immediate help to our family and donated food, supplies, toys, glasses frames and brand new shoes for our daughter.  It has made my children, my husband, and I smile when we never thought at times we couldn’t again. Our family would like to thank each and every one of the Army’s Army members and partners from the bottom of our hearts,” says Lucinda Lathrop.

Recognized by Time magazine as the most pro-military town in America, Fayetteville/ Cumberland County continues to demonstrate its support and appreciation for those who protect our everyday freedoms.

To view photos of the Army’s Army delivering donated items to the Lathrop family, click here.