Army’s Army and Fort Bragg MWR Partner to Strengthen Support of Military Families

The Army’s Army and FMWR have entered into a partnership that will bring the two organizations together to better serve members of the Military, their Families and the entire Fayetteville community. The partnership agreement provides for an increase in exposure through cross promotion and volunteer support for both organizations. With the addition of FMWR as a partner, the Army’s Army will continue to seek out additional partnerships with community organizations interested in supporting their mission.

Throughout the year, Army’s Army members have invested hundreds of hours to assist at FMWR events for Soldiers such as the Xterra Triathlon, Volksmarch, Oktoberfest and Pies for Patriots. During Volksmarch, a German walk that celebrates the arrival of Oktoberfest, Army’s Army volunteers handed out traditional German-style mugs to participants. The organization also partnered with Hasbro to donate G.I. Joe action figures to children of Soldiers killed in war at FMWR’s Survivors of Fallen Heroes tent during Fort Bragg’s annual July 4th event, Operation Celebrate Freedom. Army’s Army volunteers will continue to support upcoming FMWR events through the end of this year and into 2010 including the Holiday Tree Lighting, Trees for Troops giveaway, Children’s Fest and Fort Bragg Fair.

“Both dedicated to watching over those who watch over us and making the Fayetteville area a place where Military Families feel safe, appreciated and welcome, the partnership between the Army’s Army and FMWR is a perfect fit,” said John Meroski, Chairman of the Army’s Army. “We hope this is the beginning of a long-term relationship with FMWR that will allow both organizations to continue providing support and assistance to the Troops through our various programs and events.”

Committed to keeping Fayetteville/Cumberland County a Military Sanctuary Community for current and prospective military families, and ensuring that they receive the same quality of life as those they defend, the Army’s Army and FMWR provide valuable information to relocating Soldiers, as well as those already stationed at Fort Bragg. Materials from the Army’s Army and (FWY), a social networking site designed to make relocation easier on Military Families by connecting them with Army’s Army volunteers, are included in FMWR’s Welcome Packet for new soldiers, Relocation Guide for potential new Soldiers and throughout FMWR facilities for current Soldiers. In addition to the printed Relocation Guide, a link to FWY appears on MWR’s website in the relocation section. A kiosk in Fort Bragg’s Soldier Support Center lobby also serves as a resource for Army’s Army, FMWR and FWY information.

About: Fayetteville/Cumberland County is America’s first sanctuary community for the Military and their Families. Through the Army’s Army and other volunteer groups, the citizens and businesses are dedicated to watching over those who watch over us. For additional information, visit