Children of Fallen Soldiers to Find Healing and ‘Hope Thru Horses’

The Army’s Army teams up with Hope-Thru-Horses to host day of horseplay for Children of the Fallen Project™ youth and their mentors

Fayetteville, NC – May 7,  2015 – The Army’s Army, in partnership with  Hope-thru-Horses of Lumber Bridge, Inc., will host Children of the Fallen Project™ youth and their mentors for a day of bonding and personal discovery through equine-assisted learning and other relationship-building activities with horses and other wildlife. The event will take place from 5-7pm on Friday, May 8, at Hope-Thru-Horses in Lumber Bridge, NC.

“The experiential activities with our horses are designed to help people of all ages develop stronger communication skills, build self-esteem and confidence,  and encourage healthy relationships and personal awareness,” commented Heather Wilkerson from Hope-Thru-Horses, Inc. “We are proud to be partnering with The Army’s Army for this special opportunity to make a positive impact on this special group of surviving military children.”

A variety of activities and experiences are planned for the upcoming Children of the Fallen Project event, including fun exercises with horses, donkeys and other animals, all designed to help the children strengthen relationships and build trust.

“The youth who are a part of the Children of the Fallen Project are uniquely important to our society, and The Army’s Army strives to help them accept their loss and find healing and support in the community around them,” commented Janine West, Executive Director of The Army’s Army.  “We are especially excited to be partnering with Hope-Thru-Horses for this fun, unique opportunity to bring the youth and their mentors closer together.”

If you would like to make a donation to The Army’s Army to help support initiatives like the Children of the Fallen Mentoring Program, please contact Janine West at (910)709-9671 or [email protected]

About The Army’s Army:
The Army’s Army is a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization made up of citizens and businesses who have pledged their support to those in the military. We do everything we can to make soldiers, veterans and their families feel welcome, appreciated and safe. The Army’s Army is dedicated to “watching over those who watch over us©.” For additional information, please visit or

About The Children of the Fallen Project:
The Children of the Fallen Project is a mentoring program established by The Army’s Army to help children who have lost a parent or guardian in the war. Through partnerships with local businesses and organizations including the Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, Fayetteville Urban Ministry and Army Community Service Fort Bragg Survivor Outreach Services, the program pairs children with supportive mentors and offers regular events and activities for surviving military families to build lasting relationships and learn valuable life skills. For more information, please visit