Children of the Fallen™ to ‘Celebrate the Game’ at Buffalo Wild Wings

Community organizations partner to host game day for children of fallen heroes

Fayetteville, NC – January 21, 2014 – The Army’s Army, in conjunction with Fayetteville Sam’s Club, will sponsor a day of gameplay fun focused on teaching skills such as problem solving, logical thinking and task prioritization to Children of the Fallen™.  The event will take place from 10am-12pm on Saturday, January 25 at Buffalo Wild Wings, located at 2097 Skibo Road.

As a popular destination for game and sports fans of all genres, Buffalo Wild Wings celebrates all things play.  For the event, the restaurant will provide 50 gaming tablets for play, along with a hearty lunch for the children and their families. Children of the Fallen, whose young members have lost a parent or guardian in war, are the most in need of recreation that not only works at healing grief but simultaneously helps continue development of crucial cognitive skills.

“Children of the Fallen and their families have all suffered a terrible loss and we work to raise awareness and rally community support in the wake of that loss,” commented Janine West, Executive Director of The Army’s Army.  “We are grateful to Sam’s Club and Buffalo Wild Wings for working with us to provide this day of much-needed fun.”

This event will also kick-off a year long fundraising partnership between Buffalo Wild Wings and The Army’s Army.  Patrons can download a special fundraising ticket from Brief From the Front and present it at Buffalo Wild Wings on January 25 to have 10% of their pre-tax food sales donated to the Children of the Fallen mentoring program. The next fundraiser will allow patrons to show their love for the military, scheduled for Valentine’s Day (February 14).

“As a mainstay eatery of the Fort Bragg Communities, we welcome opportunities to support soldiers and their families,” said Aaron Melby, General Manager of Buffalo Wild Wings.  “The servicemen and women of Fort Bragg are a major part of our community at the restaurant, and to help the children of those families after their loss, allows us to give back to that community in a creative and meaningful way.”

Children of the Fallen was established by The Army’s Army as a mentoring program to help children who have lost a parent or guardian in the armed forces.  Through this program, and the continued support from partners and members, they are able to host fun, interactive events for surviving families, as well as pair children with supportive mentors.

“This is our third event to support The Army’s Army through the Children of the Fallen program,” said Mike Zalampas, Club Manager of the Fayetteville Sam’s Club. “Supporting the community by nurturing these children has been one the most rewarding experiences we’ve gained through sponsorship, and we look forward to future collaborations.”

If you would like to make a donation to The Army’s Army to help support initiatives like the Children of the Fallen Mentoring Program, please contact Janine West at (910)709-9671 or [email protected]

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