Children of the Fallen™ to Reach New Heights at Climbing Place Event

Children of the Fallen™ to Reach New Heights at Climbing Place Event

The Army’s Army and Sam’s Club to sponsor activity day for children of fallen heroes

Fayetteville, NC – October 1, 2013 – The Army’s Army, in conjunction with Sam’s Club of Fayetteville, will sponsor Children of the Fallen™ for a day of climbing activities, including boulder and top climbing, belay instruction, and introduction to slack lining, all designed to teach cooperation and perseverance, as well as physical strength.  The event will take place from 10am-1pm on Saturday, October 5 at The Climbing Place of Fayetteville, located at 436 West Russell Street.

The Climbing Place opened in 1995 with the mission of teaching climbing which not only produces physical rewards but also challenges the climber’s skills in the areas of confidence, problem solving and determination.  Children of the Fallen, whose young members have lost a parent or guardian in war, are often in need of assistance to learn these important life skills.

“As a retired military owned business, we welcome opportunities to support soldiers and their families,” says Martha Pinkston, Co-Owner of The Climbing Place.  “We try to provide a positive environment that encourages family relationships and growth, and are thrilled to be able to help these children strengthen their family ties after facing such a terrible loss.”

Children of the Fallen was established by the Army’s Army as a mentoring program to help children who have lost a parent or guardian in the armed forces.  Through this program, and the continued support from partners and members, they are able to host fun, interactive events for surviving families, as well as pair children with supportive mentors.

“This is our second event working with The Army’s Army to support Children of the Fallen,” said Mike Zalampas, Club Manager of the Fayetteville Sam’s Club. “It has been a thrilling process to see the community come together to give back to these children, and we look forward to future events in the coming months.”

“Children of the Fallen members have all endured a tragic loss, and The Army’s Army aims to plan events which facilitate their development and demonstrate the support available in their community,” commented Janine West, Executive Director of The Army’s Army.  “We are so thankful to The Climbing Place and Sam’s Club for providing this unique opportunity to help these kids feel strong.”

If you would like to make a donation to The Army’s Army to help support initiatives like the Children of the Fallen Mentoring Program, please contact Janine West at (910)709-9671 or [email protected]


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