Army’s Army and Freedom Furniture and Electronics Team Up to Continue Supporting BRAC Relocating Families

The Army’s Army and Freedom Furniture and Electronics have entered into a partnership to better support local and relocating military families. The partnership agreement provides for an increase in exposure for both organizations through cross promotion and a presence at community events and activities.  With the addition of Freedom Furniture and Electronics as a partner, the Army’s Army will continue to seek additional partnerships with community organizations interested in supporting their mission.

Since 1983, Freedom Furniture and Electronics has been helping military and government personnel and their families build their dreams.  Freedom offers fast, hassle-free financing with up to $7500 instant credit on quality name-brand furniture, computers, televisions, jewelry, appliances, rims, tires, and gaming systems.  Freedom boasts 11 family-run superstores across the nation, including the Yadkin Road location in Fayetteville.  On its website,, customers can shop, apply for financing, and have their purchases delivered anywhere in the nation.

“My brother John and I would like to welcome all the new families to Fayetteville,” said Link Melley, CEO of Freedom Furniture and Electronics.  “We’re thrilled to partner with the Army’s Army and do out part to serve the troops who are serving our country.  We would love to make Freedom Furniture and Electronics their one stop relocation shop for instant military credit on all our name-brand products.  Again, welcome to Fayetteville.”

“The Army’s Army is excited to welcome Freedom Furniture and Electronics as a valued partner,” said John Meroski, chairman of the Army’s Army.  “Freedom stands out in their efforts to support the military families relocating to this area and will do everything they can to ensure those families have the smoothest transition possible.”