Army’s Army Partners With Crown Center to Further Support Relocating Military Families

The Army’s Army and the Crown Center have recently begun a partnership that will allow the two organizations to better reach out to and support local and relocating military families.  The partnership agreement provides for an increase in exposure for both organizations through cross promotion and a presence at community events and activities.  With the addition of the Crown Center as a partner, the Army’s Army will continue to seek additional partnerships with community organizations interested in supporting their mission.

The Crown Center is the heart of entertainment for Southeastern North Carolina.  The Crown Center consists of five great venues; a coliseum, arena, theatre, exposition center and ballroom.  From hockey to homecoming, concerts to circuses, sporting events to special occasions and family shows, the stars come to life at the Crown Center – minutes from home and miles from ordinary.

“The Crown Center is excited for the opportunity to work with the Army’s Army to bring information to military families relocating to Fayetteville,” said Frank Zaccaro, director of sales and marketing at the Crown Center.  “The Crown Center believes in bringing quality entertainment to our military.  As thanks to all our men and women in uniform, the Crown Center has partnered with many promoters to bring concerts, sporting events and family shows at no charge to our military and their families.”

“The Army’s Army is thrilled to have the Crown Center as a partner,” said John Meroski, chairman of the Army’s Army.  “They are such a staple in this community and provide world-class fun and entertainment to civilians and soldiers alike, bringing everyone together in America’s First Military Sanctuary Community.”